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  • Empire of Infinity

    Empire of the time-seer [[Chrono-Kings]] ruled by the dictator, [[Lord Order]]. Planets in the Empire of Infinity are: [[Bygone]], a mild producer of luxury goods suffering from a great need for mechanical technologies. [[Nowadays]] with its strong …

  • Chrono-Kings

    The Chrono-Kings are an ancient extra-terrestrial civilisation of a humanoid species known for their abilities to peak into the future and regenerate bodily harm. [[File:414980 | class=media-item-align-center | Untitled.jpg]]

  • Mozuma

    The so called Teapots are the result of the [[Teapot experimen]]t, an attempt to create a stable, timeless reality, by the ancient [[Chrono-Kings]]. When the computer created to manage the “Teapot” became corrupted, the Chrono-Kings simply untethered the …