A Crown of Stars

Newsfeed star-date #8562.6

Calling All Mercenaries!
3MP-R0R has issued a degree:
“Calling all mercenaries. In response to recent events I offer you the opportunity to claim the ultimate pay day, your own planet. Should you capture any planet belonging to NICE, MARZ, Eskillon, The Hive or The Empire of Infinity your claims to rulership will be supported by both The Code Trade Emporium and The Unity Trust.”

Eskillon Leadership Crisis
With President Knulork still missing, and a Bio-technology shortage causing widespread medical failures across the confederation, rioting has broken out across Eskillon and the senate has disbanded until further notice. The Senate’s final edict before disbanding was to recall troops from Code Trade Emporium space. Unfortunately, General Ehal has defied orders and continued the invasion – despite the withdrawal of allied Chrono-King forces.
• 4 Eskillon Forces still at 00001111.
• Eskillon looses Authority.

G3N-3R4L In Charge
In a temporary shift of power, G3N-3R4L has been given command of the Code Trade Emporium to repel invaders from HiNM and Eskillon, taking personal command of the fleet at 00001111. In a spectacular counter-offensive, CTE forces has made a striking and moderately successful offense against the invaders, inflicting heavy casualties at 00000001 and 00001111. HiNM headway has been made on 00000011, 00000111 and 00011111 with 00111111 now facing occupation.
• 00000001: Forces – Marz 0.5, Nice 1. CTE, 2.
• 00000011: Forces – Hive 0.5, Nice 0.5.
• 00000111: Forces – Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 0.5. CTE, 0.5.
• 00001111: Forces – Eskillon 3. Hive 1. CTE 8.
• 00011111: Forces – Hive 1, Marz 1. CTE, 1.
• 00111111: Forces – Hive 1, Marz 1.

Hive-Nero Trade Compact Expires
With the recent Bio-Tech shortages being covered by state funds, the expiry of the trade deal with Nero – whereby the Hive was acquiring its agricultural needs – have given some within the Hive pause for concern as the threat of mass famine looms. Many Hive hope that the invasion of the Code Trade Emporium will provide the Hive with the agriculture it so sorely needs.

Lord Order Assassinated! Chaos Ensues!
Lord Order, and his faithful bionic hound, were assassinated while taking his hover-car home last night in a spectacular aerial battle with a 4SS-4SS1N unit of the Code Trade Emporium and an as yet unnamed Crion sniper in the pay of Nero via Imanti. Reports say that while 4SS-4SS1N did the bulk of the bodily harm and collateral damage, it was the Crion sniper who reaped the kill. In the wake of these events, the Bounty Hunter’s Guild is preparing to assign the bounty-planet to Nero. With the death of Lord Order, Infinity forces have withdrawn from Code Trade Emporium space. In related news, Miss Chaos has been released from prison on Nowadays, and has been granted the Forever Throne. Her claim is, however contended by numerous influential Chrono-Kings led by one Duke Disorder. Amid the chaos, hidden Mozuma forces within the Empire of Infinity have aligned themselves with the Code Trade Emporium and seized control of Hope.
• Lord Order is dead. Miss Chaos rules the Empire of Infinity.
• Duke Disorder contests and agitates, causing Authority loss.
CTE takes control of Hope via the Tea Pots.
NICE gains the bounty planet next turn.

Love and Harmony
Amid the trauma of intergalactic war, the Code Trade Emporium has issued a message of harmony – welcoming the Mozuma into their fold and distributing Agricultural resources to the starving Hive, minerals to the Mice, and mechanical goods to Braithe to meet the planets ailing needs. As a sign of respect, the Eta Community has dubbed 3MP-R0R “the great philanthropist.”
• Mozuma join the Code.
• Investment Houses distribute moderate Agricultural to Zorg 2, few Minerals to Frank and few Mechanical to Briathe.
• Zorg, NICE and Marz loose Authority.

Mice Oppression Continues on Marz
With trade from NICE, Marz has managed to maintain some semblance of stability with the continuing oppression of its people by Throttle and those roving bands of criminal loyal to him. Many fear that HiNM will solidify into an Eta-wide criminal empire.
• Marz gains Authority.

Nero Says [[Slip/Web Censorship Edit]]
Nero has ordered the burning of the Code Trade Emporium investment house on Tagila. In an act of cruelty, Nero had the Code merchants reprogrammed to feel pain slowly and then proceeded to burn them alive. The robots died in hours after enduring centuries of unspeakable agony. Nero’s spokesperson, Imanti, claims that the CTE employed the investment house as a platform for espionage and that the “bastich’s got what they deserved.”
CTE investment house of Tagila destroyed.



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