A Crown of Stars

Newsfeed star-date #8562.5

Big Bounty
Following a ruling from the Intergalactic Court, the Unity Trust via the Bounty Hunters Guild has withdrawn the auction of a planet from Lord Order. Instead, the planet is now offered as a bounty for Lord Order’s death.
• Auction withdrawn.
• Planet now offered as a bounty on Lord Order’s head.

CTE and Infinity’s Day in Court
Tensions and conflicts between the Code Trade Emporium and Empire of Infinity have been brought to the Intergalactic Courts. The Judgement offered is as follows:
“The intergalactic court has reviewed the matter, including the matter of the pilots of the vessel in question, the so-called “Teapots” aka the Mozuma. As a result of the Teapot experiment, an attempt to create a stable, timeless reality, by the ancient Chrono-Kings. When the computer created to manage the “Teapot” became corrupted, the Chrono-Kings simply untethered the Teapot and let it drift through time. In that void, the Mozuma, a hive-mind of robots and the hated enemies of the Chrono-Kings, evolved from the computer. Being erased from time itself is a gross violation of the rights of sentient Species and the recent actions of Lord Order in this matter or in regard to Eskillion point to a red-fanged imperial ambition. The Intergalactic Court and the Bounty Hunters Guild hereby rule in favour of the Code Trade Emporium and the Teapots. Let Lord Orders name be entered into the Black Bible of Law. Any attempt, successful or not, to murder Lord Order is from hence froth not a crime. “
• It is no longer a crime to murder Lord Order.

HiNM Forms
Amid talks of alliance and trade, a military alliance of the Hive, NICE and Marz has formed. The military compact has brought further stability to the Hive, NICE and Marz. Imanti, Zorg Alpha and Throttle have decided, however, to seal their compact with blood, combining forces to declare war on the Code Trade Emporium.
• Hive gains Authority.
• Marz gains Authority.
NICE gains Authority.
• HiNM declares war on the CTE. 17 Forces deployed.

Shortages to Infinity and beyond
While Lord Order turns his attention to Eskillon, mechanical shortages in the Empire of Infinity have given some Chrono-Kings pause for concern. While mechanical production from Eskillon has provided some minor relief, it has not yet cured the problem. Eskillon, however, continues to enjoy the mineral production of the Empire of Infinity.
• Empire of Infinity looses Authority.

Trade Expands
Despite its current military turmoil, the Code Trade Emporium, and its ever-busy diplomatic unit, 4MB4SS-2DOR, has made a whirlwind trip across the Eta Slipway, establishing investment houses on planets belonging to every known Empire.
The Code Trade Emporium has established investment houses on:
• Eskillon 4 in Eskillon
• Zorg 5 in The Hive
• Nowadays in the Infinity Empire
• Taglia in NICE
• Planet Puke in MARZ

Raiders Strike!
Earlier this week an unknown Species piloting an archaic Chrono-King vessels launched raids on 00001111, seizing minerals, and Zorg 1, seizing mechanical resources and feeing to Bygone in the Empire of Infinity. While Zorg Alpha has expressed his indignation at the attack to Lord Order and harsher measures were taken by the Code Trade Emporium, the nature of this Species and their connection to the Empire of Infinity remains a mystery. Sources say the Species in question are robotic in nature, appearing similar to a wheeled cone with long, tentacle like arms and have been identified as the “Teapots”.
• Raiders stole minerals from the Code Trade Emporium.
• Raiders stole mechanical from the Hive.
Riots in Eskillon*
With President Knulork indisposed, Lord Order has stepped into a regency position within the Eskillon Senate, aiding in managing the Empire’s affairs followed by pledges of friendship to the Empire of Infinity by Senators from Eskillon 1 and 4, along with the commitment of personal forces to the action against the Code Trade Emporium. In response riots have broken out across Eskillon 2 and 3. Senators from these worlds express dismay at President Knulork’s administration and claim further that Eskillon’s independence and democratic freedoms are under threat.
• Eskillon looses Authority.

Unity Trust Appoints New Director
Amid the flames of war, the Unity Trust has announced the appointment of a new Director to its secretive Board: 3MP-3R0R of the Code Trade Emporium. The Unity Trust hopes 3MP-3R0R will bring a fresh perspective to its organization and dismisses any claims that this is a token appointment, citing that “any Robot that encounters something as flimsy as a glass ceiling could easily smash through it. Seriously, if we wanted to bar robots from our ranks, our ceilings would be titanium at least.”
• 3MP-3R0R joins the Unity Trust Board of Directors.

Following the lightning raid on 00001111 by an unknown Species piloting an archaic Chrono-King vessel made off with minerals. Pursued through slip-space by G3N-3R4L, the vessel and the species in question were seized in space near the Infinity planet Bygone. Outraged, Lord Order dispatched his forces to pursue and destroy the Code Trade Emporium vessels and has requisitioned aid from Infinity’s close ally, Eskillon, to do so. Pursuing the CTE forces through slip space to 00001111, the combined Infinity and Eskillon fleet opened fire. With fire returned by G3N-3R4L battle still rages near 00001111. The conflict is set to escalate quickly. Even as this newsfeed hits the mind/net, the forces of HiNM exit slip space near Code planets. As their forces approach, landing parties are readied to strike against all CTE planets simultaneously. But as the humans say, in the grim darkness of space there is only war.
• 00000001: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00000011: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00000111: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00001111: Forces, Eskillon 7, Infinity 4, Hive 3, CTE 9.
• 00011111: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00111111: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Total 2.



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