A Crown of Stars

Newsfeed star-date #8562.4

Disorder in the Hive Mind
Reports from the Hive indicate that [[Zorg #001 Alpha]] is loosing his centrality within the Hive Mind. “While Zorg #001 Alpha has certainly done his best to meet the Hive’s Agricultural shortages,” our Newsfeed political analysis stated, “is now the Bio-technology shortage that Zorg #001 Alpha fellow clones are feeling the sting of most savagely.”

Eskillon-Infinity Alliance

Eskillon and the Empire of Infinity have signed an open trade compact. This will give each Empire access to the other’s Stockpiles as they need, essentially treating the productions and needs of each as one. With Lord Order’s threat of invasion and Eskillion’s experiencing some minor political instability, only time will tell if this alliance bares fruit.

Invasion Imminent!
Lord Order of the Empire of Infinity has announced today that the Tea-Pots are plotting invasion of the Eta Slipway, and their arrival is eminent. Lord Order has issued a general call to arms, urging all other political leaders to pledge their fealty to preparation for this eminent invasion.

Profitable in the Code
The Code has shown some great political stability this week as, amid the expansion of its military spending, Trade Emporium figures released this morning report profits on the Code’s planets. This stability and profitability has been formerly recognized by the Unity Trust, extending an invitation to 3MP-3ROR’s to join the board of directors.

Unity Trust Expands Fleet
In anticipation of their returns from Lord Order following successful Mechanical Loan with the Empire of Infinity, the Unity Trust has began the construction of an expanded fleet. “The purpose of the expansion is purely defensive,” stated a Unity spokesperson, “operating in slip space, we cannot rely on any Empire to protect us.”

Mustering In Marz
Word from Marz is that Throttle has been mustering his forces for the active oppression of belligerents, outraged by Mechanical and Textiles shortages, in his Empire. Active oppression has expanded from Planet Puke and Trasharia to Frank as well. While harsh, the organized outlawry of the Mice appears to be stabilizing Marz.

NICE-Hive Trade Agreement
In financial news, NICE and the Hive have agreed to exchange Nero’s agricultural products in exchange for the Hive’s mechanical for three cycles. Spokespeople for both Empire’s have claimed that this agreement will be immensely beneficial to the stability of Eta in the foreseeable future.

A Night At The Opera
While the performance of the Inval Opera was stirring, a fluster was called during the main chorus when the Endurance exited neutral slip space and projected its viewing screen onto the stage backdrop, revealing that the cruiser had entered orbit above an unknown planet. While shocked, the Unity Trust revealed this planet to be newly discovered, an as yet unclaimed extension of the Eta Slipway to be auctioned by the Unity Trust at this very Opera.



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