A Crown of Stars

Newsfeed star-date #8562.3

Bio-Tech Shortage
Reports from Eskillon cite Bio-technology shortages. Stockpiles held by the Unity Trust has not been offered to President Knulork as yet and reports state that the Trust is holding these resources until their value increases. “Destabilization of Eskillon is in no one’s best interest” reported a spokesperson for the Unity Trust, “but a profit must be made nonetheless.”

Famine in the Hive
As stockpiles of agricultural resources dwindle, all of Eta questions the future of the Hive. While trade agreements between the Science Guild and various parties met the food needs of what is now Hive space in the recent past, these agreements have not followed onto the post-revolution Hive government. Political analysts predict that unless something is done, the Hive may not endure.

Mechanical Shortages
Both the Empire of Infinity and Code Trade Emporium still report deepening shortages of mechanical resources. Neither the rule ofLord Order nor 3MP-3R0R remains unshaken despite the ongoing crisis, with both rulers easily dismissing questions of rebellion and the possibility of a dark age. The question remains if their respective authorities will be respected if the crisis continues.

Omega Ball Scandal!
Mice Omega Ball Team, the Wheelers, have been accused of match fixing under duress from Mice Biker gangs active in the oppression of Planet Puke. A spokesperson for the Wheelers has denied such allegations, reiterating that the Mice Species are biologically predisposed to motorcycle enthusiasm and proficiency with firearms. Collectives of nomadic Mice might be violent by their nature but are simply cultural organizations.

Who Shot First?
The case of Bounty Hunter, Fot Loner, has gone to trial this week. Fot and his partner Scratchy have were arrested after an altercation in an establishment on Braithe after an altercation with NICE armed forces stationed there as part of Imanti’s active oppression of the planet on behalf of Nero. The question remains of who shot first remains and Loner has reported stated: “Of course I did. It was me or him. Why wouldn’t I?" However, both NICE and the Bounty Hunters Guild reports that the matter remains mired in debate.

A Night At the Opera
The Unity Trust invites all rulers to attend the Inval Opera. Opera will be held aboard the Endurance (Class: Cruiser) inside slip space. RSVP by the end of turn.



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