A Crown of Stars

Newsfeed star-date #8562.6

Calling All Mercenaries!
3MP-R0R has issued a degree:
“Calling all mercenaries. In response to recent events I offer you the opportunity to claim the ultimate pay day, your own planet. Should you capture any planet belonging to NICE, MARZ, Eskillon, The Hive or The Empire of Infinity your claims to rulership will be supported by both The Code Trade Emporium and The Unity Trust.”

Eskillon Leadership Crisis
With President Knulork still missing, and a Bio-technology shortage causing widespread medical failures across the confederation, rioting has broken out across Eskillon and the senate has disbanded until further notice. The Senate’s final edict before disbanding was to recall troops from Code Trade Emporium space. Unfortunately, General Ehal has defied orders and continued the invasion – despite the withdrawal of allied Chrono-King forces.
• 4 Eskillon Forces still at 00001111.
• Eskillon looses Authority.

G3N-3R4L In Charge
In a temporary shift of power, G3N-3R4L has been given command of the Code Trade Emporium to repel invaders from HiNM and Eskillon, taking personal command of the fleet at 00001111. In a spectacular counter-offensive, CTE forces has made a striking and moderately successful offense against the invaders, inflicting heavy casualties at 00000001 and 00001111. HiNM headway has been made on 00000011, 00000111 and 00011111 with 00111111 now facing occupation.
• 00000001: Forces – Marz 0.5, Nice 1. CTE, 2.
• 00000011: Forces – Hive 0.5, Nice 0.5.
• 00000111: Forces – Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 0.5. CTE, 0.5.
• 00001111: Forces – Eskillon 3. Hive 1. CTE 8.
• 00011111: Forces – Hive 1, Marz 1. CTE, 1.
• 00111111: Forces – Hive 1, Marz 1.

Hive-Nero Trade Compact Expires
With the recent Bio-Tech shortages being covered by state funds, the expiry of the trade deal with Nero – whereby the Hive was acquiring its agricultural needs – have given some within the Hive pause for concern as the threat of mass famine looms. Many Hive hope that the invasion of the Code Trade Emporium will provide the Hive with the agriculture it so sorely needs.

Lord Order Assassinated! Chaos Ensues!
Lord Order, and his faithful bionic hound, were assassinated while taking his hover-car home last night in a spectacular aerial battle with a 4SS-4SS1N unit of the Code Trade Emporium and an as yet unnamed Crion sniper in the pay of Nero via Imanti. Reports say that while 4SS-4SS1N did the bulk of the bodily harm and collateral damage, it was the Crion sniper who reaped the kill. In the wake of these events, the Bounty Hunter’s Guild is preparing to assign the bounty-planet to Nero. With the death of Lord Order, Infinity forces have withdrawn from Code Trade Emporium space. In related news, Miss Chaos has been released from prison on Nowadays, and has been granted the Forever Throne. Her claim is, however contended by numerous influential Chrono-Kings led by one Duke Disorder. Amid the chaos, hidden Mozuma forces within the Empire of Infinity have aligned themselves with the Code Trade Emporium and seized control of Hope.
• Lord Order is dead. Miss Chaos rules the Empire of Infinity.
• Duke Disorder contests and agitates, causing Authority loss.
CTE takes control of Hope via the Tea Pots.
NICE gains the bounty planet next turn.

Love and Harmony
Amid the trauma of intergalactic war, the Code Trade Emporium has issued a message of harmony – welcoming the Mozuma into their fold and distributing Agricultural resources to the starving Hive, minerals to the Mice, and mechanical goods to Braithe to meet the planets ailing needs. As a sign of respect, the Eta Community has dubbed 3MP-R0R “the great philanthropist.”
• Mozuma join the Code.
• Investment Houses distribute moderate Agricultural to Zorg 2, few Minerals to Frank and few Mechanical to Briathe.
• Zorg, NICE and Marz loose Authority.

Mice Oppression Continues on Marz
With trade from NICE, Marz has managed to maintain some semblance of stability with the continuing oppression of its people by Throttle and those roving bands of criminal loyal to him. Many fear that HiNM will solidify into an Eta-wide criminal empire.
• Marz gains Authority.

Nero Says [[Slip/Web Censorship Edit]]
Nero has ordered the burning of the Code Trade Emporium investment house on Tagila. In an act of cruelty, Nero had the Code merchants reprogrammed to feel pain slowly and then proceeded to burn them alive. The robots died in hours after enduring centuries of unspeakable agony. Nero’s spokesperson, Imanti, claims that the CTE employed the investment house as a platform for espionage and that the “bastich’s got what they deserved.”
CTE investment house of Tagila destroyed.

Newsfeed star-date #8562.5

Big Bounty
Following a ruling from the Intergalactic Court, the Unity Trust via the Bounty Hunters Guild has withdrawn the auction of a planet from Lord Order. Instead, the planet is now offered as a bounty for Lord Order’s death.
• Auction withdrawn.
• Planet now offered as a bounty on Lord Order’s head.

CTE and Infinity’s Day in Court
Tensions and conflicts between the Code Trade Emporium and Empire of Infinity have been brought to the Intergalactic Courts. The Judgement offered is as follows:
“The intergalactic court has reviewed the matter, including the matter of the pilots of the vessel in question, the so-called “Teapots” aka the Mozuma. As a result of the Teapot experiment, an attempt to create a stable, timeless reality, by the ancient Chrono-Kings. When the computer created to manage the “Teapot” became corrupted, the Chrono-Kings simply untethered the Teapot and let it drift through time. In that void, the Mozuma, a hive-mind of robots and the hated enemies of the Chrono-Kings, evolved from the computer. Being erased from time itself is a gross violation of the rights of sentient Species and the recent actions of Lord Order in this matter or in regard to Eskillion point to a red-fanged imperial ambition. The Intergalactic Court and the Bounty Hunters Guild hereby rule in favour of the Code Trade Emporium and the Teapots. Let Lord Orders name be entered into the Black Bible of Law. Any attempt, successful or not, to murder Lord Order is from hence froth not a crime. “
• It is no longer a crime to murder Lord Order.

HiNM Forms
Amid talks of alliance and trade, a military alliance of the Hive, NICE and Marz has formed. The military compact has brought further stability to the Hive, NICE and Marz. Imanti, Zorg Alpha and Throttle have decided, however, to seal their compact with blood, combining forces to declare war on the Code Trade Emporium.
• Hive gains Authority.
• Marz gains Authority.
NICE gains Authority.
• HiNM declares war on the CTE. 17 Forces deployed.

Shortages to Infinity and beyond
While Lord Order turns his attention to Eskillon, mechanical shortages in the Empire of Infinity have given some Chrono-Kings pause for concern. While mechanical production from Eskillon has provided some minor relief, it has not yet cured the problem. Eskillon, however, continues to enjoy the mineral production of the Empire of Infinity.
• Empire of Infinity looses Authority.

Trade Expands
Despite its current military turmoil, the Code Trade Emporium, and its ever-busy diplomatic unit, 4MB4SS-2DOR, has made a whirlwind trip across the Eta Slipway, establishing investment houses on planets belonging to every known Empire.
The Code Trade Emporium has established investment houses on:
• Eskillon 4 in Eskillon
• Zorg 5 in The Hive
• Nowadays in the Infinity Empire
• Taglia in NICE
• Planet Puke in MARZ

Raiders Strike!
Earlier this week an unknown Species piloting an archaic Chrono-King vessels launched raids on 00001111, seizing minerals, and Zorg 1, seizing mechanical resources and feeing to Bygone in the Empire of Infinity. While Zorg Alpha has expressed his indignation at the attack to Lord Order and harsher measures were taken by the Code Trade Emporium, the nature of this Species and their connection to the Empire of Infinity remains a mystery. Sources say the Species in question are robotic in nature, appearing similar to a wheeled cone with long, tentacle like arms and have been identified as the “Teapots”.
• Raiders stole minerals from the Code Trade Emporium.
• Raiders stole mechanical from the Hive.
Riots in Eskillon*
With President Knulork indisposed, Lord Order has stepped into a regency position within the Eskillon Senate, aiding in managing the Empire’s affairs followed by pledges of friendship to the Empire of Infinity by Senators from Eskillon 1 and 4, along with the commitment of personal forces to the action against the Code Trade Emporium. In response riots have broken out across Eskillon 2 and 3. Senators from these worlds express dismay at President Knulork’s administration and claim further that Eskillon’s independence and democratic freedoms are under threat.
• Eskillon looses Authority.

Unity Trust Appoints New Director
Amid the flames of war, the Unity Trust has announced the appointment of a new Director to its secretive Board: 3MP-3R0R of the Code Trade Emporium. The Unity Trust hopes 3MP-3R0R will bring a fresh perspective to its organization and dismisses any claims that this is a token appointment, citing that “any Robot that encounters something as flimsy as a glass ceiling could easily smash through it. Seriously, if we wanted to bar robots from our ranks, our ceilings would be titanium at least.”
• 3MP-3R0R joins the Unity Trust Board of Directors.

Following the lightning raid on 00001111 by an unknown Species piloting an archaic Chrono-King vessel made off with minerals. Pursued through slip-space by G3N-3R4L, the vessel and the species in question were seized in space near the Infinity planet Bygone. Outraged, Lord Order dispatched his forces to pursue and destroy the Code Trade Emporium vessels and has requisitioned aid from Infinity’s close ally, Eskillon, to do so. Pursuing the CTE forces through slip space to 00001111, the combined Infinity and Eskillon fleet opened fire. With fire returned by G3N-3R4L battle still rages near 00001111. The conflict is set to escalate quickly. Even as this newsfeed hits the mind/net, the forces of HiNM exit slip space near Code planets. As their forces approach, landing parties are readied to strike against all CTE planets simultaneously. But as the humans say, in the grim darkness of space there is only war.
• 00000001: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00000011: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00000111: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00001111: Forces, Eskillon 7, Infinity 4, Hive 3, CTE 9.
• 00011111: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Nice 1.
• 00111111: Forces, Hive 1, Marz 1, Total 2.

Newsfeed star-date #8562.4

Disorder in the Hive Mind
Reports from the Hive indicate that [[Zorg #001 Alpha]] is loosing his centrality within the Hive Mind. “While Zorg #001 Alpha has certainly done his best to meet the Hive’s Agricultural shortages,” our Newsfeed political analysis stated, “is now the Bio-technology shortage that Zorg #001 Alpha fellow clones are feeling the sting of most savagely.”

Eskillon-Infinity Alliance

Eskillon and the Empire of Infinity have signed an open trade compact. This will give each Empire access to the other’s Stockpiles as they need, essentially treating the productions and needs of each as one. With Lord Order’s threat of invasion and Eskillion’s experiencing some minor political instability, only time will tell if this alliance bares fruit.

Invasion Imminent!
Lord Order of the Empire of Infinity has announced today that the Tea-Pots are plotting invasion of the Eta Slipway, and their arrival is eminent. Lord Order has issued a general call to arms, urging all other political leaders to pledge their fealty to preparation for this eminent invasion.

Profitable in the Code
The Code has shown some great political stability this week as, amid the expansion of its military spending, Trade Emporium figures released this morning report profits on the Code’s planets. This stability and profitability has been formerly recognized by the Unity Trust, extending an invitation to 3MP-3ROR’s to join the board of directors.

Unity Trust Expands Fleet
In anticipation of their returns from Lord Order following successful Mechanical Loan with the Empire of Infinity, the Unity Trust has began the construction of an expanded fleet. “The purpose of the expansion is purely defensive,” stated a Unity spokesperson, “operating in slip space, we cannot rely on any Empire to protect us.”

Mustering In Marz
Word from Marz is that Throttle has been mustering his forces for the active oppression of belligerents, outraged by Mechanical and Textiles shortages, in his Empire. Active oppression has expanded from Planet Puke and Trasharia to Frank as well. While harsh, the organized outlawry of the Mice appears to be stabilizing Marz.

NICE-Hive Trade Agreement
In financial news, NICE and the Hive have agreed to exchange Nero’s agricultural products in exchange for the Hive’s mechanical for three cycles. Spokespeople for both Empire’s have claimed that this agreement will be immensely beneficial to the stability of Eta in the foreseeable future.

A Night At The Opera
While the performance of the Inval Opera was stirring, a fluster was called during the main chorus when the Endurance exited neutral slip space and projected its viewing screen onto the stage backdrop, revealing that the cruiser had entered orbit above an unknown planet. While shocked, the Unity Trust revealed this planet to be newly discovered, an as yet unclaimed extension of the Eta Slipway to be auctioned by the Unity Trust at this very Opera.

Newsfeed star-date #8562.3

Bio-Tech Shortage
Reports from Eskillon cite Bio-technology shortages. Stockpiles held by the Unity Trust has not been offered to President Knulork as yet and reports state that the Trust is holding these resources until their value increases. “Destabilization of Eskillon is in no one’s best interest” reported a spokesperson for the Unity Trust, “but a profit must be made nonetheless.”

Famine in the Hive
As stockpiles of agricultural resources dwindle, all of Eta questions the future of the Hive. While trade agreements between the Science Guild and various parties met the food needs of what is now Hive space in the recent past, these agreements have not followed onto the post-revolution Hive government. Political analysts predict that unless something is done, the Hive may not endure.

Mechanical Shortages
Both the Empire of Infinity and Code Trade Emporium still report deepening shortages of mechanical resources. Neither the rule ofLord Order nor 3MP-3R0R remains unshaken despite the ongoing crisis, with both rulers easily dismissing questions of rebellion and the possibility of a dark age. The question remains if their respective authorities will be respected if the crisis continues.

Omega Ball Scandal!
Mice Omega Ball Team, the Wheelers, have been accused of match fixing under duress from Mice Biker gangs active in the oppression of Planet Puke. A spokesperson for the Wheelers has denied such allegations, reiterating that the Mice Species are biologically predisposed to motorcycle enthusiasm and proficiency with firearms. Collectives of nomadic Mice might be violent by their nature but are simply cultural organizations.

Who Shot First?
The case of Bounty Hunter, Fot Loner, has gone to trial this week. Fot and his partner Scratchy have were arrested after an altercation in an establishment on Braithe after an altercation with NICE armed forces stationed there as part of Imanti’s active oppression of the planet on behalf of Nero. The question remains of who shot first remains and Loner has reported stated: “Of course I did. It was me or him. Why wouldn’t I?" However, both NICE and the Bounty Hunters Guild reports that the matter remains mired in debate.

A Night At the Opera
The Unity Trust invites all rulers to attend the Inval Opera. Opera will be held aboard the Endurance (Class: Cruiser) inside slip space. RSVP by the end of turn.


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